ZNHOO Whatever you are, be a good one!


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  1. A report from Gizmodo says that Google is partnering with the United States Department of Defense and building drone software.

    partner with

  2. We had to admire his prowess as an oarsman/his rowing prowess.

    prowess: Someone's prowess is their great skill at doing something. (FORMAL)

  3. A pilot scheme or a pilot project is one which is used to test an idea before deciding whether to introduce it on a larger scale.
  4. If one group of people leapfrogs into a particular position or leapfrogs someone else, they use the achievements of another person or group in order to make advances of their own.
  5. A patio is an area of flat blocks or concrete next to a house, where people can sit and relax or eat.
  6. A bartender is a person who serves drinks behind a bar. (AM; in BRIT, use barman, barmaid)
  7. ox/beef; pig/pork; lamb/sheep/mutton.

    If you beef up something, you increase, strengthen, or improve it.

  8. The oldest type of proxy server, HTTP proxies are designed expressly for web-based traffic.

    An express command or order is one that is clearly and deliberately stated.

  9. If you eavesdrop on someone, you listen secretly to what they are saying.


    The government illegally eavesdropped on his telephone conversations…

  10. A toll is a total number of deaths, accidents, or disasters that occur in a particular period of time. (JOURNALISM)

    There are fears that the casualty toll may be higher.

  11. There are a variety options to do this, and if you're a seasoned sysadmin you probably already have a favourite way.

    You can use seasoned to describe a person who has a lot of experience of something. For example, a seasoned traveller is a person who has travelled a lot.

  12. A reciprocal action or agreement involves two people or groups who do the same thing to each other or agree to help each another in a similar way. (FORMAL)

    They expected a reciprocal gesture before more hostages could be freed…

  13. Something, especially food, that is kosher is approved of or allowed by the laws of Judaism.

  14. Someone who is agile can move quickly and easily. If you have an agile mind, you think quickly and intelligently.
  15. In finance, a portfolio is the combination of shares or other investments that a particular person or company has.

    A case for carrying papers or drawings or maps; usually leather.

  16. It is more than a piece of technology and orchestration.
  17. The topography of a particular area is its physical shape, including its hills, valleys, and rivers.

    The geography of a place is the way that features such as rivers, mountains, towns, or streets are arranged within it.

    It is important to remember that topographically closer does not inherently mean geographically closer, though this is often the case.

  18. The penultimate thing in a series of things is the last but one. (FORMAL)
  19. If someone or something aggravates a situation, they make it worse.

    If someone or something aggravates you, they make you annoyed. (INFORMAL)

  20. The mileage in a particular course of action is its usefulness in getting you what you want.
  21. [find | consider | see] [it | him] [to be | [as] being] [ very | rather] [appropriate | amusing | strange inappropriate]

    to be and being means different context.

  22. reverse course; impose tariffs on; in response to; rescind sanctions against;
  23. If a government or a group of people in power rescind a law or agreement, they officially withdraw it and state that it is no longer valid. (FORMAL)
  24. A slew of things is a large number of them. (mainly AM)
  25. If you wield a weapon, tool, or piece of equipment, you carry and use it.

    If someone wields power, they have it and are able to use it.

  26. If a group of people or things fan out, they move forwards away from a particular point in different directions.
  27. Some concerns have been raised that …
  28. ledger, tally, bookkeeping/bookkeeper
  29. to = (in order) to = (so as) to = so that;
  30. If a boyfriend or girlfriend stands you up, they fail to keep an arrangement to meet you. (INFORMAL)

    stand sb up; no show no call;

  31. A contingency is something that might happen in the future (= possibility, eventuality).

    A contingency measure/plan is one that is intended to be used if a possible situation actually occurs.

    in case of contingency