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Github project page blog

  1. blog.example.com for Github project page, mainly hosting Chinese posts.
  2. www.example.com and example.com for Github user page, mainly hosting technical posts.

    Top domain example.com can ONLY be used as an alternative to subdomain www.

Project on Github

Create a repository projectname on Github.

Project page

Create a branch named exactly as gh-pages for repository projectname.

Default branch

In Github repository setting, set gh-pages as the default branch instead of the usual master one.

Thus every action like pull and push will take gh-pages as the default branch.


$ cd ~/workspace
$ git clone https://github.com/username/projectname.git
$ cd projectname
$ cat .git/config
$ git branch


Choose a Jekyll template. Here I just use the one for www.example.com. Copy the necessary files to ~/workspace/projectname/.


CNAME file

Set the content to be:


Do NOT add the prefix http://.

Freenom DNS

We should add a DNS CNAME record for blog.example.com on DNS control panel.

BLOG CNAME username.github.io


  1. If without customization, the user page URL would be username.github.io while the project page URL would be username.github.io/projectname.
  2. You can see that in the DNS control panel, we have two CNAME records to the same destination:

    BLOG CNAME username.github.io

    WWW CNAME username.github.io

  3. Whether it is user page or project page, the DNS CNAME record points to the same destination username.github.io. You should NOT or can NOT set DNS CNAME record to username.github.io/projectname.

    It Github pages server's job to determine the real (user or project) page location.

  4. You can also find two DNS A record:

    ␢␢␢␢ A

    ␢␢␢␢ A

    The four means leaving the first cell blank. You could replace with example.com, but FREENOM will ignore this field. If you replace it with other subdomain like test.example.com, then the subdomain cannot make use of Github's CDN service to speed up your site.

  5. The two DNS A records are making example.com the alternative URL to www.example.com.

    Top domain example.com can ONLY be the alternative to www subdomain.

baseurl and url

In Jekyll template, we usually need to use variable like site.url, site.baseurl, post.title etc. For a permanent URL:


http://blog.example.com (without trailing slash) is the url variable, while /projectname (without trailing slash) is the baseurl variable.

  1. For url in _config.yml, just set it to http://blog.example.com.
  2. For baseurl,
    1. If use custom url, then just set it to /;
    2. If not, set it to /projectname (without trailing trash). When doing test locally on localhost:4000, you should run jekyll serve –baseurl '' which sets baseurl to empty.
  3. Settings in _config.yml are key: value pairs.
    1. Add least a whitespace after colon (:).
    2. The value can (or not) be enclosed with quotes depending on your preference.