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Kali ABC

First attempt to launch Kali system with some basic ideas. Kali originates from BackTrack which is no longer maintained.

  1. Kali is a Debian-based distribution devoted to Penetration Testing.

    "the quieter you become, the more you are about to hear"

  2. Install Kali in VMWare.

    Choose customized VMWare images offered by offensive-security instead of the official ISO. Just extract the 7z image and launch it from VMWare.

    The default root password is toor.

  3. Boot warning:

    1. not starting portmapper is not running, refer to How to fix 1 and #17 floor

      # update-rc.d -f nfs-common remove
    2. PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions Warning, refer to not an issue

      This is not actually an real issue. The real issue lies in the warning message itself.