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iCloud Configuration

iCloud supports now Windows system from which photo stream is accessible, that is impossible previously.

Photo Stream

iCloud supports Photo Stream which represents a center place for photos across diferent devices that now includes Windows PC. Firstly turn on Photo Stream setting on the devices where you would like to upload to and download from Photo Stream.On Windows PC, open the iCloud app, select Photos, and clikc the Options on the right. There you can choose to turn on Photo Stream for your Windows PC. Similary on Iphone, in settings, Photos & Camera or iCloud, toggle My Photo Stream.

But I prefer to turn off Photo Sharing option at the same time.

I found iCloud App on Windows really shit! Unintall it. No users!

Sync Notes with Outlook on Windows

iOS Notes App is either associated with a iCloud Account or with a iCloud email. If you sync notes with iCloud on your iOS devices, the notes notes accros these devices will be synced. If you turn off notes sync with iCloud on one iOS device, your previously synced notes on that device will be moved the corresponding email account. You can access them from the iCloud email folder naming "Notes". Any new notes on the iOS device will not be uploaded to the iCloud center. But you can chhoose to sync those notes with Outlook on Windows. Details are as follows:

On iphone you can sync Notes with iCloud. If you would like to export the notes to your PC as normal files. You should firstly disble the synchronization with iCloud in your phone settings.

Then connect your iphone to iTunes, click info, you will find an option called Sync notes with Outlook. Tick it and click apply! Done.


Use the original synchronizatioin with iCloud. Otherwise it would be crazy to use Apple Apps on Windows.