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Ubuntu 14.04 Installation Notes

  1. sources.list apt
  2. /etc/fstab, refer to Gentoo's installation notes.
    1. MountingWindowsPartitions
  3. clear dash history (settings)
  4. Chinese language support & sogou input
  5. Chrome / flashplugin
  6. Wifi certificate: /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/AddTrust_External_Root.crt
  7. texlive 2014; install windows & adobe fonts;
  8. Configure locale in Ubuntu Configure Locales in Ubuntu
  9. 搜狗输入法。安装之前要先安装中文支持,就是上面的第四步。直接去搜狗官网下载deb文件,双击运行,默认打开了新得力,点击安装即可。默认还会安装fctix控制面板。一切顺利! But you cannot set LANG OR LC_CTYPE to zh_CN.GBK or zh_CN.GB18030, otherwise you cannot input Chinese characters. I think Sogou currently does not support GBK, GB2312 or GB18030.