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TeXLive 2014 Installation under Windows

This is the details on installing TeXLive 2014 under Windows 8.1.

  1. Go to official website.
  2. Download and unpack install-tl.zip which will show the installler like install-tl-advanced.bat, install-tl.bat and install-tl.

    You may found other installer like install-tl-windows.exe and install-tl-unx.tar.gz. The former one is only for Windows while the later one is only for Unix system.

  3. Run install-tl-advanced.bat as administrator to install TeXLive for all users.
  4. Use the default configuration except the one texmfhome. I change it from ~\texmf to E:\texmf.

    If several users in this machine. How to distinguish the different user data under texmfhome in E:\texmf?

  5. Before the real installation, read the first three chapters of official documentation.
  6. The while installation process might need one and a half hour. JUST WAIT!
  7. Once finished, read chapter 3.4 Post-install actions and chapter 6 Notes on Windows. If necessary, you can also read TeX Live on Windows.
  8. Actually, the installer under Windows is fairly smart to handle everything else. Hence, for step 7, you just need to understand the points.